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Name:Raven Darkholme
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
Disclaimer-This profile is for Roleplaying purposes, I do not own Raven/Mystique. Both mun and muse are over 18. Please don't sue me. Thanks, bye.

Background: At some point when she was very young, Raven was abandoned by her parents, and she was forced to fend for herself. Because of her ability to shape-shift she was able to change into anyone and anything, which made it easier for her to manage alone and steal what she needed. One night when she was starving and in search of some food and chose to break into the home of Charles Xavier's parents. When Charles caught her in the kitchen she was impersonating his mother. He knew that she wasn't his mother for multiple reasons, first of all she offered to make him a sandwich and his mother had never even stepped foot in the kitchen before and he himself could read minds. He convinced her to reveal herself and she did, revealing a very young and blue girl. Thrilled to meet someone like him, Xavier offered for her to live with the Xavier's. She grew up with Charles in his mansion and they soon came to think of each other as brother and sister. Xavier goes to school and studies genetics in an attempt to learn more about mutations and people like them. She follows him to school, but is still a teenager. Xavier then gets recruited by the government to locate mutants as well as assist stopping Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club who are planning something catastrophic. Raven is grouped with several other mutants who train to try and fight Shaw and the other mutants, thus forming the first X-men team.

Personality: The main thing about Raven is that she is insecure about her real appearance. She is your average teenage girl in that she is attracted to boys, wants attention, and acts out when she feels she's not getting the appropriate attention or being treated fairly. But she's been hiding behind her shapeshifting for fear of how she'd be judged on her looks. She wants desperately for someone to accept her for who she is and is prone to getting angry or upset when anyone makes comments about her true blue form. She's slowly but surely coming into her own and becoming more confident in herself and her looks, but she hasn't quite come into full acceptance and pride.

Physical Description: Her true form is blue, with a smattering of scale-like projections, bright red hair and yellow eyes. The form she takes more often now, however has long blonde wavy hair and brown eyes. Both her regular forms are of average hieght.
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